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Statewide Coalition Interests Merge/Elect New Officers

On August 23rd, The Community Builder's Network announced that Chesterfield SAFE Executive Director, Wayne Frith, had been elected Chairman for the coming year.  Frith's election followed several productive meetings in Richmond and Charlottesville among the state's 21 DFC and other coaltions, as well as representatives from several state departments. 

Nancy Hans of Roanoke was elected vice-chair of CBN.  Rick McKeel, RDFA Executive Director, will serve as the Region 4 Representative to CBN's board.

A major emphasis of CBN will be to take a strong message to the General Assembly early next year regarding underage drinking, law enforcement, drug courts and many other issues related to our work.

Additionally, the statewide organization will work closely with the State of Virginia on the process for surveying youth on drug use and awareness issues that are required of many coalitions to comply with federal and other grants.

Participation in CBN is also designed to enhance networking opportunities across the Commonwealth for those involved in substance abuse prevention, treatment and education.

For more information on the Community Builder's Network annual conference, click here.



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